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Large animals are a favorite of some of our doctors! We examine livestock animals including: 
•    Cattle
•    Goats
•    Sheep
•    Llamas
•    Alpacas
•    Pigs
•    Horses


Give us a call to schedule a farm visit. We offer ambulatory services where we will come out to your farm to examine the animals. We can do certain procedures at the clinic as well.


Services we provide include: 
•    Vaccination and preventative care
•    Herd health 
•    Castration
•    Dehorning
•    Parasite control 
•    Hoof trimming (sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas only)
•    Pregnancy check
•    Birthing assistance
•    Health certificates
•    Illness
•    Emergency services

If you have a large animal emergency after hours, please call 765-436-2323 and follow the prompts to speak with the on-call veterinarian. ​​

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