Tipsy's Recovery

December 16, 2016





We would like you to meet Tipsy, one of our happy stories here at the Thorntown Veterinary Clinic. Tipsy presented after being abandoned by her mother when she was only about 4 weeks old. She did not even weigh a pound yet!. Tipsy had been found by Melissa and Derek Johnson, and they had been trying to bottle feed her since she would not eat cat food on her own yet. Tipsy became very weak and cold because she was not nursing well for the Johnson's and started having some diarrhea, most likely from the stress of the change to milk replacer.

When we started treating Tipsy, her gum color was very pale and her body temperature was dangerously low. She was limp and mostly unresponsive. Thanks to her skill and patience, Mandy, a technician here at the clinic, was able to get an IV catheter placed in one of Tipsy's veins. Not an easy feat on such a small kitten! We started her on IV fluids with dextrose to give her some energy and to rehydrate her and placed her in a heated cage to help get her temperature back to normal. We also gave her some deworming medications and treated her for the diarrhea. 
Later that day, Tipsy was responsive to being handled, and would lick some juice from canned food, but was still quite weak.

By the next day she was able to stand on her own and would lick some gruel we had made from canned food. We had Tipsy hospitalized for one more day just to be sure she was eating well and was strong enough to get back home.

Once she was sent back home, the Johnson's have done a great job at getting Tipsy back to health and she is growing and playing well. The owners report that she is one of the orneriest kittens that they have ever seen.

The first picture shows Tipsy getting a bath to go home because she was a messy eater. The second picture shows her cuddling at home with her Mastiff friend Hera.