Rocky's Success Story

February 29, 2016



I would like you to meet Rocky. He is a 9 year old Rottweiler mix dog. Rocky presented to us after being hit by a car the previous day and was not wanting to use right rear leg. Examination found the leg to be sitting at an odd angle forcing the foot to sit under the middle of his body.

Radiographs were taken, and it was found that Rocky had dislocated his hip. This is termed a coxofemoral luxation.


Rocky was anesthetized and the luxated hip was put back into place. The le...g was put in a tape sling, called an Ehmer sling. The sling is used to keep the leg from moving and allowing dislocate gain. Rocky had to wear this sling for 2 weeks.the hip to


After his 2 weeks were finished, we removed the sling from Rocky’s leg. Even though his leg was a little weak from not being used, he was immediately able to use his leg properly. As of his last visit, Rocky is still able to use his leg properly.

We are sorry that Rocky was injured, but we are very happy that we were able to help him and that he continues to do well. We wish him a long happy life on all four legs.


The first radiograph shows Rocky's hip out of socket. The second radiograph shows the hip back in place.